• Linking Development and Health

    Embracing the development dimensions of health and health issues acknowledges that action outside the health sector can contribute significantly to better health outcomes for all peoples~UNDP.

  • Equity and Health Care Access

    Access to and utilization of health care is vital to good and equitable health. Without healthcare, many of the opportunities for fundamental health improvement will be lost ~WHO.

  • Foundations for the Future

    Education prepares children to participate in the society and in the global economy. Ensuring that all children receive a good quality education is the foundation of sustainable development and poverty alleviation worldwide~World Bank.

  • Our Health and Our Environment

    Where we live affects our health and chances of living flourishing lives. The daily conditions in which we live have a strong influence on health equity ~WHO.

  • Early Life & Mind Nourishment

    Early childhood is the most significant developmental period of life. Yet, nearly half the world’s children are likely to miss out on early childhood skills development programs ~UNICEF.

  • Social Support and Health

    It takes a community to raise a child. Nurturing our kids in loving neighborhoods where neighborhood cohesion is high and where different people live peacefully is fundamental in raising young people who grow with broader outlook in life.

  • Parenting and Child Development

    Having a loving family surrounded by love lays the foundation for significant birth to eight childhood development. Remembering that it takes a community to raise a child is at the center of thriving communities and is essential for all children.

  • Thriving Across Generations of Good Health

    Early childhood is the most significant developmental period of life. Yet, nearly half the world’s children are likely to miss out on early childhood skills development programs.

The GLOBAL HEALTH AND EDUCATION PROJECTS (GHEP) is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan, non-religious, charitable, educational, research, and development organization dedicated to eliminating inequalities in health and education among local communities in the USA and worldwide.  GHEP addresses all aspects of educational and health inequalities affecting the most vulnerable individuals and populations in our communities, especially those that are historically known to experience inequalities in health and education outcomes, namely the poor, underserved, women, children, minorities, and new residents.

We’re a bunch of local people solving local problems. GHEP was founded by passionate and committed people from around the world like you who have deep personal experiences of health and education inequalities and who want to improve their communities.  Collectively, we’re addressing the root causes of inequalities by working with local people to build strong communities where individuals and families are equipped with the hands-on knowledge, skills, abilities, and opportunities to access resources that help them break generational cycles of health and education inequalities and the attendant economic benefits.

We’re building foundations for the future.  When we eliminate education and health inequalities in our local communities, we build solid foundations for educational achievement, individual and community empowerment, optimal health, poverty eradication, and sustainable human development not only for the present but for future generations. We’re passionate about eliminating health and education inequalities because regardless of who you are–white or black, male or female, rich or poor, local or abroad–inequalities are not good for any of us.  And that’s why we believe that collectively, we can all work towards eliminating inequalities which are barring some members of our society from setting their hands on the key to a prosperous future and lives well-lived.

Connect, Stay in Touch. We thank you for visiting our website today. We hope you’ll join us in working towards a world without inequalities. Please stay connected by signing up for our informative free community newsletter, or by liking us on Facebook, or Volunteering for one of our programs without even leaving your home.  We do sincerely look forward to connecting with you and having you as a partner in this very important work!


Public & Global Health


Working with diverse communities to address current and emerging public health problems locally and globally, one community at a time.

Community Health Fair


Providing opportunities for free health and wellness screening, preventive services, and health resources for community residents through FREE community-wide Health Fair, May 14, 2016

Youths & Gen Y


Engaging with and preparing the youths and future generations to lead fulfilled lives and prepare for leadership in a changing society.

Family Tree Adoption Program

Providing FREE trees to increase the number of private home owners in our communities who plant native trees and shrubs on their yards.



Publishing finest global health research on diseases afflicting the developing world and mentoring young third world researchers.

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Empowering people by providing free access to life-saving tips and many resources on health, education, and employment opportunities.

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