• Is a world where 7 million children die before their 5th birthday your dream world?
  • Is a world where 800 women die daily from child birth or pregnancy-related complications, the world of your liking?
  • Is a world where 1billion children live in deprivation the world of your liking?
  • Is a nation where over 800K excess deaths are due to income inequality a nation of your dream?

Nobody wants or deserves their infant, their child, their mother, sister or daughter to die prematurely. We all detest health inequalities. But health inequalities can be reduced and even eliminated. We can address these and more of the health inequalities that we so much detest in our families, communities, in our countries, and around the entire world. We don’t have to wait for that big opportunity that never comes to make change. No, here at GHEP we believe that we can begin with those small changes that collectively and over time make the big changes. And this is how we approach the issues that we work on. We’re agents of social change and we believe in little, progressive steps of change.

GHEP global and public health programs are designed to uniquely work with individuals and communities to address health inequalities. GHEP utilizes proven holistic methods that incorporate and address the social determinants of health—those multidimensional nuggets that underlie health inequalities. Here is just a few of our global and public health programs aimed at addressing health inequalities:

  • Public health and health promotion events
  • African, Caribbean, and Immigrant health outreach
  • Public health research, local and international
  • Global health initiatives
  • Training and capacity building for public health professionals
  • Medical missions to rural and impoverished communities in Ghana and Nigeria
  • Short-term supervised global health internships in Ghana and Nigeria
  • Health equity training and seminars for front line health care professionals serving rural and indigent communities in Ghana and Nigeria

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