After many months of planning, the International Journal of MCH and AIDS (IJMA) debuted in 2012 as a new global health journal with special emphasis on highlighting issues concerning the developing world, also known as the diseases of poverty. IJMA’s first editorial presented the case for a journal like IJMA—points that are as important today, as they were then. Four years on, an increasing number of peer-reviewed journals are devoting substantial coverage to research in developing countries. We welcome this development as it supports our mission to advance research capacity development in low- and middle-income countries.

At the doorstep of a brand-new 2016, IJMA is once again charting new waters. We are excited with the launch of IJMA Blog—a global health blog and platform for advancing global health issues in the developing world as well as populations facing disparities across the world. IJMA Blog shall be a confetti of ideas, with opportunity to all those who share in eliminating the burden of diseases of populations in the poorest corners of the world.

IJMA Blog will continue to share the journal’s passion for mitigating public health issues affecting the world and developing countries in particular.