Think Back. Have you ever thought about that one mistake you made in your first internship, volunteer work, or even professional position? Do you still recall how that one “mistake” cost you a job, a promotion or simply cast you in a bad light? Do you remember those moments or incidents that you thought you could take back? The truth is that we all do. We all have fallen short at one time or another. But should we allow our young people to go the same path and/or make the same mistakes that we made? At GHEP, we say no and we believe we shouldn’t let our future generation make the mistakes of the current or past generations.

Solution. GHEP’s youths and generation Y programs provide comprehensive development programs to support our young men and women become well-rounded individuals willing and ready to lead in an evolving society. Our goal is give our young people the tools and watch them thrive. Everything we do in our youth programs is based on a simple philosophy: it takes a village to raise a child.

Programs. Below is some of our youth and new generation development programs:

  • Leadership development summits
  • Mentorship
  • Youth professional leadership development programs
  • Leadership simulation camps and retreats
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics development programs
  • Professional enrichment seminars, symposiums, and conferences
  • Career development opportunities
  • Networking connections with top-level professional and corporate organizations
  • Local and international exchange programs
  • Internships, community volunteer services
  • Employment support programs

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