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COVID-19 pandemic has wrecked unprecedented global health havoc on humanity. The pandemic has destroyed individual lives, families, communities and the world. Thus far,* there are over 10.7 million confirmed cases of the virus and 517, 000 deaths around the world have been reported. In the U.S. COVID-19 has infected over 2.6 million people and killed 128,000, and counting. Sadly, these numbers are increasing by the day. And the devastation is mounting.

No Treatments, No Cures, No Vaccines

There are no known cures, treatments or vaccines for COVID at the moment. People could spread COVID-19 to others even if they do not feel sick. But there are some things you can do to stop the spread of COVID-19. And wearing a face mask is one of them

Everyone should wear a cloth face cover in public settings and when around people who don’t live in your household, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.

Face masks can stop you from spreading COVID-19 to others even if you do not feel sick.
The cloth face cover is meant to protect other people in case you are infected.

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