Global Health Internship. Are you a student (or recent graduate) looking for an internship? Are you interested in serving your community while getting some college credits and/or gaining some useful experience? An internship at GHEP offers an excellent opportunity to learn and give back to your community. It’s kind of eating your cake and having it too. You’ll get a unique opportunity to work in the fields of global health, health and education inequalities.

Virtual Internships. Majority of our internships are virtual–that means you don’t have to leave your home. Really? Yes, and we answered yes. But wait a minute: our internships are virtual, they’re unpaid, but they’re one of the most rigorous, engaging, and educational that we’ve seen around here. Our internships involve ongoing learning, and key deliverables by you–something that you can brag about at the end of the 2-3 months or so that you’ll spend with us. This means that we’re also super selective in who we bring on. We have less than 10% acceptance rate.

It’s Interesting & Fun. Here at GHEP, you’d be valued as an intern because we know that you’re a future leader. We’re always looking for good students (or recent graduates) who are passionate about global health and education inequalities issues both locally and internationally. All we ask for is that you’re passionate, motivated, and ready to roll your sleeves and get to work in a fun-filled atmosphere. We mean ready and willing to learn and work towards a better society.

So, What’s Next? Please click here and let’s know if GHEP sounds like your ideal organization to intern with. Truth be told, we’re a small organization, so we try to be super-efficient. That means that once we receive your inquiry and take a look at your resume, we’ll inform you right away if there is a match or otherwise so you can explore other opportunities. Life is busy but also fun. Now over to you.