Qiming Chen is a graduate student at The George Washington University, Washington, DC, where he is completing her Master’s degree in Statistics. He is experienced in data analysis with skills acquired in project management, internships and high-level academic contests during undergraduate study. With deep understanding of what data analysis can contribute to the world, he is willing to make a meaningful difference in lives of those in needs, using his knowledge and across the world.

“It is always easy to analyze data in the classroom, but it is more interesting and challenging in analyzing data for real world,” Qiming says on why he joined GHEP’s global health internship. Qiming used to work on such global health topics like HIV/AIDS, water resource allocation, soil pollution, etc.

Though there has been some obstacles on the way working towards his ultimate dreams, when his team discovered some underlying useful rules and information which may update the current understanding and influence, Qiming feels supportive to continue working on data analyses projects and get the team to the finishing line.

He knows that many people are in great need of help, and he has strong desire to always give those in need a helping hand. For example, in 2010, when he learned that there were people suffering with Leprosy in his home country, Qiming organized his friends and they went to the leprosy villages located several miles away from cities to bring villagers some gifts and chat with them giving the much needed social interaction which they so severely lacked. The team afterwards summarized this experience in a report which encouraged more college students to keep focusing on the villagers.

Qiming is a winner of numerous awards including 1st prize at the 10th Annual Mathematical Contest in Modeling for college students;  Meritorious award at the US Mathematical Contest in Modeling; 2nd prize at the National College Students Mathematical Contest in Modeling, to mention but a few of his outstanding achievements.

While at GHEP, Qiming is working on a special global health project looking at Under five mortality in more than 51+ developing countries.