Effective May 2020, GHEP has transformed the highly successful and sought-after virtual internship program into Public Health 360—an intensive workforce development program focused on developing the next generation of qualified public health professionals.

With this transformation, GHEP is leveraging years of experience and successfully mentoring students (before COVID-19) from across the world into getting them ready for employment.

As a PH 360 Fellow, you’ll get more than an internship. You’ll get an intensive hands-on experience getting you ready for the much-needed public health workforce, in addition to completing your relevant course requirements. More than ever, the public health workforce is in high demand—we get you ready for the labor market while also satisfying your internship/practicum/capstone requirements.

Public Health Internships and Practicums

Public health professionals protect and improve the health of individuals, families, communities, and populations, locally and globally. Public health covers a large umbrella of careers and specialists such as Epidemiologists, Statisticians, Behavioral Scientists, Social Workers, Public Health Educators, Community Health Workers, Health Services Researchers, Program Evaluators, etc. Public health careers appeal to a wide range of people and require a diverse set of skills, interests, and backgrounds.

There is an excellent occupational outlook (job growth) for public health specialties. Public health professionals are in demand, and the jobs needing public health expertise will continue to increase into 2026. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects high occupational growth for public health specialties, including 9% for Epidemiologists; 15% for social workers; 16% for health educators and community health workers; and 33% for Statisticians.

Despite the excellent occupational outlook for public health, there is a scarcity of qualified professionals capable of filling the many available positions. Our public health internship program fills this gap. The program is based on assisting interns to achieve the public health competencies prescribed by the Council on Education in Public Health, sanctioned by the Association of Schools & Programs of Public Health, and approved by the student’s university program. Our goal is to prepare the next generation of public health professionals by offering opportunities for on-the-ground public health experiential learning. Our interns work alongside seasoned experts who have designed and implemented public health programs at the local, national and international levels. At the end of your internship, our interns will be ready to occupy entry-level jobs in public health.

Who are we Looking for?

Are you a student (or recent graduate) looking for an internship or practicum placement? Did you graduate from another field and interested in moving to public health? Are you interested in serving your community while fulfilling college internship, practicum requirements, or getting some college credits and/or gaining some useful experience? Our internships will offer you an excellent opportunity to learn, give back to your community, and get ready for your entry level or next level position in public health. We think that our public health internships are sort of “eating your cake and having it too.” You’ll get a unique opportunity to work in the fields of global health, community health, science communication, program development, implementation, and evaluation all aimed at eliminating health and education disparities.

Designed to meet the CEPH & ASPPH competencies for public health, our internships and practicums prepare you to satisfy your course requirements and your next public health position. Our program is designed for individuals who’re willing to go the extra mile to invest in their future.

In-person, Virtual or Remote Internships.

Our public health internships and practicums are available in-person and virtually or remotely. However, to increase our ability to mentor more students, majority of our internships are offered through the virtual or remote platform–that means you don’t have to leave your home. Really? Yes, and we answered yes. But wait a minute: our internships are virtual, they’re unpaid, but they’re one of the most rigorous, engaging, and educational that we’ve seen around here. Our internships involve ongoing learning, product milestones, and opportunities to plan, implement and evaluate a public health program in the communities where we work. This means that we’re also super selective in who we select. Actually, we have a less than 5% acceptance rate.

We’re Really Interesting & Fun.

During your internship, you’d be valued as a team member. You’d be valued because we know that you’re a future leader. We’re always looking for good students (or recent graduates) who are passionate about eliminating public health and education disparities locally and internationally. All we ask for is that you’re passionate, motivated, and ready to roll your sleeves and get to work in a fun-filled atmosphere. We mean ready and willing to learn and work towards a better society. We are big on technology. We’re looking for those that love technology, use it, and wiling to adapt to use it. Our intake process begins with an oral interview via Skype of Google hang out. Hint: You need to have accounts with these platforms. Once we receive and review your application and think there is a match, we’ll schedule an interview.

So, What’s Next?

It looks like we’re sounding really funny and interesting. Right? Do we sound like your ideal organization to intern or practicum with? Truth be told, we strive to run a lean organization, so we try to be super-efficient. That means that once we receive your inquiry and take a look at your resume, we’ll inform you right away if there is a match or otherwise so you can explore other opportunities. Life is busy but also fun. Now over to you. Complete the form below attaching your most-current Resume. We’ll be in touch.

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