College Park, MD:  The Global Health and Education Projects (GHEP) has been selected as a social innovation non-profit partner-organization by the Social Innovation Fellows Program at one of the nation’s top-ranked and influential business schools, the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, USA. Following this selection, GHEP will be matched with faculty and a team of social innovation fellows who will work intensely with GHEP leadership to iden

Riverdale, MD: The Global Health and Education Projects, Inc. (GHEP), an emerging non-profit organization in Maryland, will begin a community diaper distribution program to serve needy families in East Riverdale and Bladensburg communities of Prince George’s (PG) County, Maryland, starting 2015. Announcing the program over the weekend, GHEP Founder and Executive Director, Romuladus Emeka Azuine, DrPH, RN, said that data from its year-long needs assessment and interaction with members of differen

Bladensburg, MD: The Global Health and Education Projects, Inc. (GHEP), has presented a three-pronged, science-based approach for addressing the myriads of inequalities in economic, health, and educational challenges facing communities in East Riverdale and Bladensburg areas of Prince George’s (PG) County, Maryland. Dr. Romuladus E. Azuine, GHEP Executive Director, presented the organization’s views to officials and members of the PG County’s Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative (TNI) team resp