Editor’s Note: It is not very often that we, as public health researchers and practitioners, sit back and take stock of what we’ve achieved–how we’ve changed the world–with our careers and God-given talents.  This is even truer for researchers who toil everyday breaking new grounds, transforming how we live our lives without sitting back to trump their chests on their achievements.  To take a departure from this, this blog will, in the next few weeks, begin the publ

The death on September 1, 2014, of Andrea Kid-Taylor, PhD, one of the most-committed lecturers at the Morgan State University School of Community Health and Policy, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, is a loss not only to public health, but for health disparities among underserved communities in United States and around the world. It is a sad day for all those who knew her and passed under her tutelage in one fashion or the other. Dr. Kidd-Taylor was a calming voice in the midst of anxiety, and tendernes

As the dreaded Ebola virus ravage West Africa, our hearts go out to all those front line staff that work their hearts off and put their lives in harm’s way so that many of us will live. We commiserate with their families and the West African countries of Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, etc. I’ve heard in some quarters, and I’m appalled by this, that some people are referring to the different government efforts to stem the virus as scare tactics and scramble. For example, in Liberia, villag