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In the last 40 years, the population of African-born persons (African diaspora) in the United States has grown astronomically from a mere 80,000 in the 1970s to a staggering 1.6 million in the period between 2008-2012. According to the US Census data, the African diaspora population has roughly doubled each 10 years since 1970 till date and currently makes up for 4 percent of all foreign-born populations in the entire US.

The African diaspora tends to be more educated and accounts for a relatively large proportion of the foreign-born population in some nontraditional immigrant gateway states in US. The African Diaspora has a higher level of educational attainment than the overall US foreign-born population. For example, 41 percent of African Diaspora has a bachelor’s degree or higher compared with 28 percent overall US foreign-born population.

All across the US, there are many vibrant communities of African Diaspora groups organized predominantly along interests such as hobbies, professions, socioeconomic, and national/geographical alignments. Although there is an age-long aspiration among the various African Diaspora groups to come together and foster one voice, this aspiration has, historically, not been achieved.

The purpose of the GHEP’s African Diaspora Program (GADP) is to provide a non-partisan, non-affiliated platform for all African Diaspora to mutually engage in addressing social, cultural, and other civic participation and civic education issues that affect all their peoples who live and call US home.

As a non-partisan, non-political, non-religious organization, GHEP offers a neutral platform for all African Diaspora people to come together and discuss issues of mutual interest that fosters the interest of the communities and ensure that they all tap in the opportunities available for every US citizen.

To be a platform to provide the platform for all Africa Diaspora people to come together GHEP is not an organization and our diaspora program is not advocating the abolition of

The goals of the GADP are to:

  • Serve as a public health information clearing house providing African-centric and culturally sensitive health and social services information;
  • Host programs for intercultural dialogue comprising of different cultures and peoples;
  • Host an international diaspora summit;
  • Host a non-partisan African Diaspora think-tank that provides intellectual research and advise on issues affecting African issues internationally;
  • Build an African Diaspora cultural center that is freely accessible to all Africa diaspora communities;
  • Host an African art and cultural exhibition to showcase the many cultural heritages of people of African origin;
  • Host art exhibitions for visiting African artists of different artistic genre where they will get an international exposure to US art lovers and admirers;
  • Host civic engagement, non-partisan voter education, and leadership engagement programs

For more information about the GADP or any of our diaspora programs, please contact us.

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