Our Community Infant Diaper Distribution Program called “We Love Babies Free Diaper Program” provides free diapers to families in need in our communities in Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, who are experiencing diaper need for their little ones who cannot afford to go without diapers.  We Love Babies program addresses the needs of a teeming population of members of our communities who are experiencing hardship in the form of diaper need. Diaper need simply means the struggle to provide babies with clean and dry diapers that are necessary for them to grow and thrive.


The need for diapers is tremendous—a healthy child will wear an average of 50 diapers a week.


Diapers are Expensive

Diapers are not cheap. Diapers are expensive—they can cost $100 or more a month. Diapers cannot be obtained with food stamps or WIC because they are classified with cigarettes, alcohol and pet food as “disallowed purchases.” As a result, parents in need try to make do without or by stretching their supply by leaving babies in dirty diapers longer or by reusing used an unsanitary diapers. Diapers are a small thing but they can impact big things.

Diaper Needs in the  U.S. are Huge, but Largely Unmet

The need for diapers is tremendous—a healthy child will wear an average of 50 diapers a week. That’s approximately 2,600 diapers a year for each child.  And with more than 46% of the nation’s children under age three living in poverty level or low-income families; there are approximately 5.9 million children who could use help with diapers. Diaper banks, through government social service agencies, make diapers available to families in need, but these meet only a fraction of the need. Moreover, many families in need of diapers are unable to engage with and/or obtain diapers from social services agencies. Thus, the need to distribute diapers to needy families within our communities in less threatening environment has never been more.

Who Receives Free Diapers?

Everyone in need is eligible to receive free diapers through We love babies program.  For over 3 years now, our community diaper program distributes hundreds of diapers to individuals in need free of charge, no questions asked. We only ask that you be a PG County resident.

  • We do not barter, sell or exchange our diapers;
  • Diapers from our program cannot be sold or resold;
  • We do not discriminate: all needy individuals in our communities receive free diapers regardless of their race, national origin, religion or gender; and
  • Receipt of diapers are not conditioned on attending classes or program organized by us or any of our partner organizations.



Just tell us and we’ll arrange a convenient and hassle-free pick-up if you’re located in the DMV.
Click here to schedule a Diaper Pick-up.


In addition to diapers, other baby care products may be accepted for re-distribution such as clean clothing and unused items. We cannot accept used bottles.

We distribute free diapers at our community location in Prince George’s County, Maryland, in Riverdale.

No appointment is necessary.  Just come on the scheduled days and times at your preferred location. Diapers are distributed as they become available, so please check the calendar frequently.

GHEP Office
6220 Rhode Island Avenue (Riverdale Farmer’s Market & Riverdale Station)
Riverdale, MD 20737

Sign up to be notified of the next scheduled distribution day in your location.


Our free diapers are distributed on 2 different days in our location in Riverdale.
Click our CALENDAR to view the dates/times for our scheduled distribution days. If no day is scheduled, please check back again.

For your convenience, you can simply Sign-up and we will let you know (usually, one week ahead of time) of the next scheduled distribution/drop-off days/times.


Lending a helping hand to the needy is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our neighbors. We are a 501(c)(3) organization.   Your donations to our community diaper program are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

There are 3 ways you can support our diaper program.

Donate Money

You can donate using our secure PayPal payment system.  You do not need a PayPal account to make a donation.  Just use your email address. Even just a $5 donation helps diaper a baby for 1 day.

paypal donate

Note: 100% of your donation goes into the diaper program.

Donate Diapers & Baby Items

You can donate clean and unused diapers. We also accept other clean and/or unused baby items like clothing. Schedule a pick up above or visit us during one of our scheduled distribution days and locations. Be sure to check our calendar first.


We need help. You can lend a helping hand. You can help us pack diapers or pick-up diapers from donors.  You can help set up and welcome families on diaper distribution days. We thank you in advance for your willingness to help serve our communities.
Click here to let us know if you’d like to volunteer

Acknowledgement: We acknowledge the assistance of our colleagues at the National Diaper Bank Network for sharing their resources and data used on this page. We acknowledge the generous and ongoing donations from Prince Georges Council Member Danielle Glaros (District 3), and Prince Georges County Council Member Deni Taveras (District 2) for their previous and current generous support of our community diaper distribution program.  

Your donation helps us to eliminate inequalities in health and education

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