Public Health 360 (PH 360) is a hands-on training program that prepares the next generation of eminently-qualified public health practitioners who will foster optimum population health through disease prevention, health management, and community health education and empowerment. PH 360 provides a comprehensive practice and project-based training that bridges the gap between school-based academic theory and field-based practice. At the end of the program, trainees will be equipped with the core competencies necessary to assume entry to middle-level positions in a variety of public health agencies and organizations.

Under the tutelage and mentorship of world-renowned public health practitioners, PH 360 exposes trainees to the foundations of public health practice. Trainees are equipped to address the social determinants of health and health disparities at the local, national, and international levels. Upon successful completion of the program, PH 360 trainees go on to the important work of educating diverse populations on risk factors for ill-health, increasing access to healthcare, reducing disability due to illness, improving quality of lives, and transforming the lives of communities where they live or work.

PH 360 exposes trainees to the foundations of public health practice. Trainees will be equipped with the skills to address the social determinants of health and health disparities at the local, national, and international levels.

“More than ever in our history, the world needs public health professionals. The duty to protect public health and save lives must be put only in the hands of those who are carefully prepared in the theory and practice. Public Health 360 helps you to become one.”

“Let’s be clear, Public Health 360 is not for the faint of heart. The grind is grueling. But it is worth it.” 

PH 360 is at the heart of GHEP’s central mission of eliminating health disparities in local communities in United States and across the world by addressing the social determinants of health. PH360 is 100% remote.

Target Audience

Public Health 360 is designed for:

  • Graduates of non-public health programs seeking to gain time-limited but intensive hands-on experience to prepare them for entry to mid-level jobs in public health;
  • Undergraduates in health, allied health, or non-health-related majors seeking to complete a bridge program for entry into public health graduate programs or public health jobs;
  • Practicing public health practitioners seeking to refresh their knowledge and to update themselves on current and emerging issues in the field of public health; and
  • Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral students seeking to complete a mentored, project-based, hands-on internship in fulfillment of college or university requirements for graduation.

Course Offerings

  • Public Health 360 competency-based curriculum (based on Council on Education for Public Health-CEPH and Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health-ASPPH MPH and DrPH core competencies)
  • Capstone project (needs assessment, program planning, program design, implementation, and evaluation)
  • Public health writing exercises
  • Research and science communication/writing projects
  • Peer-reviewed manuscript development
  • Job interview preparation
  • Resume critique, review/feedback, and consultation
  • Front row seat with leading public health experts
  • Working for success in public health in a remote environment
  • One-on-one with hiring managers

Course Information

Below are practical information about PH 360:

  1. Duration: 3 months;
  2. Contact time: Evenings 5:30 PM ET;
  3. Mode: 100% remote; you can join from anywhere with internet access;
  4. Learning management system/platform: Google Classroom, Google Meet, & Google Drive; and
  5. Cost: Flat fee of $850 per trainee; scholarships available to eligible applicants.

Core Values

All PH 360 trainees must subscribe to the following core values:

  1. Value diversity: diversity of thoughts, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender and national origin;
  2. Acknowledge that public health is global health: the health of communities and nations are intertwined; and
  3. Be respectful and collegial: we are passionate, empathetic, fun and collegial.


PH 360 is a joint program of GHEP’s two centers—the Center for Global Health and Health Policy, and the Center for Education and Education Policy. Faculty comprises of seasoned academics and practicing public health practitioners from different sectors including research, education, policy, international development, and healthcare.

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