The Global Health and Education Projects’ (GHEP’s) health and environment programs create awareness and educate individuals and communities about existing and emerging issues on the relationship between our environment and our health. Working with communities in US and globally, we work tirelessly to highlight the need to preserve our natural resources through existing and newly-designed evidence-informed programs and interventions.

Education and awareness of the health and environment connection are more fruitful when communities come together, empower themselves, and begin the discussions. It is not a “We” versus “Them” effort; it is a We and Us effort. Collectively, we can make incremental changes that allow us to protect the environment, enjoy the environment, and live long and healthy lives.

Decades of public health research have shown the association between poor environmental quality and health problems, including asthma, cancer, breast cancer, breathing, heart, immune system, autism, and even child development.

The resulting health problems due to poor environmental quality further contribute to the widening inequalities in health and the attendant opportunities that come from good health.

Unconscious waste disposal and pollution, for example, introduce chemicals into our ground water and waterways. This, in turn, poses serious health consequences. Unfortunately, very few members of our community are aware of these facts and the practical effects of the connection between health and the environment. Even for those of us who are aware of these connections, very few know the practical actions that can be taken to address these inequalities. This is where GHEP’s community programs and interventions come in handy.

From health policy and socioeconomic perspectives, several experts have shown that improving our environment has the potential to reduce health disparities.

GHEP implements cutting-edge programs that address the deleterious effects of poor environment on human and community health. The local community is at the heart of each of our two health and environment programs which are described below:

1) Health, Environmental Education and Awareness, also known as the HEEA program; and
2) Communities Organized for Health and Environment also known as the  COHEN program.

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