The Family Tree Adoption Program (FTAP) is a community-based environmental conservation program that provides free native trees and shrubs to private homeowners in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Through FTAP, GHEP helps to green our communities by increasing the number of trees planted in the community (tree canopy), which in turn improves air and water quality, community aesthetics, and provides benefits for years to come.

Studies published in scientific journals such as Health Perspectives and Health and Place demonstrate the multiple health benefits of urban trees including better physical, psychosocial health, and social cohesion among populations living in areas with more trees.

GHEP plants trees that residents from communities across the county voluntarily adopt and care for. On an ongoing basis, GHEP provides technical support and education so the families can play a role in the collective effort to improve the environment.

Whether you are someone with a “green thumb” who loves active gardening or interested in beautification projects, or you want to play an active role in protecting the environment, FTAP will help you to achieve your goal.

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