Health Fair

The Global Health and Education Project, Inc. (GHEP) organizes an annual community-wide health fair to promote and facilitate activities conducive to positive health behaviors and lifestyles.

Our health fair is a unique opportunity to raise awareness of general health and wellness issues in our community. The fair provides health education and health promotion to improve the quality of life for residents of our communities and our County in general.

Health Fairs bring highly needed health and human services resources to our community residents. The health fairs contribute to the upliftment of our community residents, addressing marked health and education disparities, and raising the quality of life for residents.

Health fairs bring together many health care providers including pediatricians, pharmacists, opticians, health educators, nurses and other health care providers who provide direct health care as well as health counseling and screening for children and adults in our community. We also have in attendance major health plans who help County residents to sign-up for health coverage through private an public insurance services.

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PH 360 is at the heart of GHEP’s central mission of eliminating health and education disparities in local communities in United States and across the world by addressing the social determinants of health which are the underlying causes of disparities.

Target Audience

PH 360 curriculum has been carefully crafted for:

  • MPH or graduate students seeking to complete a mentored, project-based, hands-on internship in fulfillment of college or university requirements;
  • Graduates of non-public health graduate programs who are seeking to gain a time-limited but intensive hands-on experience to prepare them for careers in public health;
  • Undergraduates in health or non-health-related majors seeking to complete a bridge program to determine potential entry into public health graduate programs;
  • Practicing public health practitioners seeking to refresh their knowledge and to update on current and emerging issues in the field of public health.

Core Values

PH 360 trainees must subscribe to the following core values:

  1. Value diversity: diversity of thoughts, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender and national origin;
  2. Acknowledge that public health is global health: the health of communities and nations are intertwined; and
  3. Be respectful and collegial: we are passionate, empathetic, fun and collegial.


PH 360 is a joint program of GHEP’s two centers—the Center for Global Health and Health Policy, and the Center for Education and Education Policy. Faculty comprises of seasoned academics and practicing public health practitioners from different sectors including research, education, policy, international development, and healthcare.