International Journal of Maternal and Child Health (MCH) and AIDS (IJMA)

IJMA is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, global health, open access journal that publishes original research articles, review articles, methodology articles, field studies or field reports, policy papers, and commentaries in all areas of maternal and child health (MCH) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

IJMA is the only open-access journal that focuses on the social determinants of health and disease and disparities in communicable, non-communicable diseases burden affecting the MCH and HIV/AIDS populations including infants, children, women, men/fathers, and families across the life span.

International Journal of Translational Medical Research and Public Health

IJTMRPH is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that publishes original research, review articles, field studies, and commentaries on all aspects of applied or translational medical research, global and public health. The journal publishes papers that can be applied to global and public health practices, programs, and policies. The journal is passionate about papers that contribute to local and international efforts to improve the health of populations and save lives around the world.

IJTMRPH welcomes manuscripts that discuss application of research results to global and public health program, policy and practice. IJTMRPH is a development-oriented journal; therefore submissions from authors in, or research on, health issues affecting developing (low and middle-income) countries are particularly welcomed and will receive special consideration.

Pre-Submission Inquiry

In order to improve the quality of submissions, maximize expeditious reviews, our editorial office welcomes authors to send an abstract of their manuscripts to obtain a view from the Editors about the suitability of their paper. This does not replace peer-review.

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