Research and Policy Centers

GHEP executes its work on global health, social determinants of health, health disparities, education, and sustainable human development through its two research centers. Our centers are the intellectual warehouse (think tank) of the work of the organization. tTe centers provide opportunities to do specialized or multidisciplinary programmatic, research, or policy work in health and education. GHEP centers organize conferences, symposia, seminars, webinars, or other forums where experts gather and discuss the policy and programmatic implications of emerging issues in the field of social determinants of health, global health, health disparities, individual, population health, as well as their nexus with global education and education disparities around the world. Each of our centers advances the mission of GHEP to address health and education inequalities around the world.

Our centers host short-term visiting fellowship hosting opportunities for researchers from around the world to conduct cutting-edge research and policy analysis on global health and education disparities around the world.

Our location in Washington, DC, provides us a unique platform to provide a facility where researchers can conduct research as well as interact with leading experts in public, private, and numerous academic institutions in the capital of the free world. Working with our academic partners, we provide fellows the opportunity to present their work to multidisciplinary audiences where they can expand the horizon of their research and establish long-standing collaborations.

Thanks to the advancement of information technology, we are now able to offer fellowships to a very select number of experts in global health who are recommended by their peers and who possess the contextual sophistication to uphold the obligations of their fellowship while residing outside the United States. By leveraging information technology in a new and unique way, we are able to contribute to the development of capacity of individuals around the world to conduct work in our mission focus areas.