As we all have witnessed, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a significant shift from traditional in-person learning to virtual public health programs. However, these public health programs are more than just today’s educational requisites. Remote public health internships, in fact, opened gateways to new and exciting opportunities for growing numbers of young talent aspiring to make a career.

The most important part is these internships prepare students and professionals alike with actual experience, which is an integral component of making successful careers in the years to come. If you are here, chances are you are looking for the best virtual public health internship to help you through the process. Thankfully, we are here to help you.

In this blog post, we will help you through the nitty-gritty of securing a remote internship in public health while telling you tips and tricks to maximize your learning experience once you are in a public health internship.

Remote Public Health Internship: The Basics

“The remote public health internship is a virtual experience for students and early career professionals to have an opportunity to exercise work related to public health projects, research, and initiatives without having to physically be at the site of an internship.”

These internships vary widely in scope. For example, they may be the typical type where students conduct research in public health under senior mentorship. In contrast, you can also choose programs that help you learn the management of the public health system or guide you through the process of policy development. The common thread in these programs is that they can give you real-world experience of public health principles and skills in a virtual setting.

Additionally, you must know the difference between a few terms – internship, practicum, and capstone – to guide you through the different stages of education. While a practicum is generally a focused, narrower experience within a specified area of public health, an internship offers a much broader experience. On the other hand, capstone projects require students to conduct comprehensive research or program development that ties together the practical and theoretical components of the public health education program.

Why Should You Go for a Remote Public Health Internship?

Remote public health internships offer a wide range of benefits. First and most importantly, they are flexible, so you can easily balance your studies, work, and personal life. Second, you get far-reaching access to the best organizations and experts worldwide, regardless of your geographical location.

These remote opportunities help you implement theoretical knowledge in practice, acquire professional skills, and gain professional contacts in your area of interest. This practical experience is often a key point for employers in the public health sector, and internship experience becomes central to preparing for jobs in public health. Therefore, we can confidently say that the experience from these public health internships helps you prepare for and ultimately secure a professional job in the field of public health.

How to Find the Best Remote Public Health Internship for You?

Identify Your Goals

To secure an internship that might change your life for good, it pays to fully understand your career objectives. You may be fascinated with epidemiology, biostatistics, social and behavioral sciences, policy and administration, community health, global health issues, or public health policy. Understanding these basics helps you pinpoint an internship that offers targeted experience, enriching learning and professional development.

Evaluate the Internship Provider

If you want to make a difference by enrolling in a remote public health internship, you should choose highly credited and reputed organizations. Based on reviews from students and professionals, we are one of the organizations with the highest reputation in the field of public health training. Our remote internships are high-quality, rigorous, relevant to current public health challenges, and would add considerable value to any resume. Our remote public health programs are designed to align with the competencies of the Council for Education in Public Health (CEPH). And why is this important? This means that the program and activities that you complete while participating in our remote public health internships are specifically targeted at giving you the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform creditable in an entry-level position in public health.

University Partnerships

You can find opportunities through your university’s partnerships with public health organizations. We cooperate very closely with universities and colleges, providing remote public health internships that allow students to back the theory up with practice. Some of the universities we partner with include George Washington University, Liberty University, Eastern Washington University, Florida International University, University of West Florida, Capella University, and Walden University to mention but a few. Establishing these partnerships involve vetting of the PH360 program and review of the qualification of the staff who deliver the program and who become your supervisors, preceptors, or mentors during the programs. This allows you to enjoy the smooth transition of your academic curriculum into the actual running of public health programs.

Utilize Professional Associations and Platforms

Last but not least, professional public health associations and dedicated online platforms are excellent resources for finding internship opportunities.

Public Health 360: Best Remote Internship for You!

Public Health 360 (PH360) is not just another regular program. It is a unique, cutting-edge workforce development initiative devised by Global Health and Education Projects (GHEP) to bridge the gap between academic theory and field practice. PH360 ensures that you complete the remote internship mastering the three core functions of public health – assurance, assessment, policy development undergirded by research and service.

PH360 offers hands-on experience for a diverse group of individuals,

  • Graduates from non-public health majors.
  • Undergraduates from health or non-health-related majors who aim to bridge the gap between their academic knowledge and an actual job.
  • Practicing public health practitioners who want to polish their skills.
  • Students at all academic levels who need a mentored, project-based internship experience.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

We understand there are too many options for finding the best remote public health internship. The search becomes even more challenging when you aim for meaningful hands-on experience. Knowing the complexity and seriousness of the situation, we are offering you the best program you can find.

Our remote public health internship, PH 360, differs due to our uncompromised commitment to an immersive, impactful, and complete learning experience. We offer you the most rewarding curriculum presented by top scientists and leaders in public health. Thus, our internships will help practice skills development and experience improvement with employability enhancement to enable a shining professional career in public health with a global perspective.

How to Maximize Your Learning Experience?

Now that you have nabbed the perfect remote public health internship opportunity, it’s time to really make the most of it. For this, you must set clear, achievable goals and stay on top of your work by engaging your supervisor and team with project contributions.

If you proactively work and continuously ask for constructive feedback, you will surely have an extraordinary and enriching experience. Yet another very crucial way of making the best of your internship time is networking.

Get to understand who the professionals in this organization are, attend virtual seminars and workshops, and participate in relevant online forums. Through this, you will understand more about public health and possibly get job opportunities.

The Bottom Line

Remote public health internships offer the most flexible pathway for students and early professionals to get experience in their desired field, and there is no second thought to it. Through these opportunities, you can get the essential skills, develop a professional network, and form the foundation for successful careers in public health.

So why the wait?

Join our top-notch internship programs, and let us be the stepping stone toward the fulfilment of your career.