Washington, DC: As a young three-year organization, GHEP is still in its nascent years. But with the strides that we’re making, it looks like the stars are lining up for us. And for good too. in 2011, we got registered and obtained our charter from the State of Maryland. Same year, we began to set up the infrastructure for a new organization. We obtained our postal mailbox, started to change the face of global health research with our journal, IJMA, and successfully filed and obtained our 501(c) (3) approval mid 2014. Next few years will be more fruitful and we will soar even higher.

It’s in this regards that we rejoice as we launch our new website today. Right from the day we opened our gates to the public and to support our communities, we’ve always had a presence on the internet. But the new website gives us not only a new look. It gives updated functionality to engage our constituents regardless of whether they’re traditional or Generation Y audience. Our goal is to use a bottom-line approach to engage you and ensure that we leave a lot of details to where it belongs–right off and away from the corporate website.

Look Around: Please look around. Feel comfortable and do let’s know if there’s something that we need to fix. We welcome your comments. Don’t be shy; drop us a note using the comments box below. And while you’re here, please like us on Facebook and (as FB says) let’s know what’s in your mind today. Today is a good day for us and we are happy about this milestone.

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