Volunteer with Us: Choose From In-Person or Virtual Opportunities to Make a Difference

Volunteer: In-Person and Virtual/Remote Opportunities, We Need Your Help.

Volunteers are at the heart of changing lives and making the world a better place. Whether you have 1 or 2 hours to spare. Whether you have 1 day per week. Whether you are a greeter at one of our community events, a writer, a medical assistant, a receptionist, a high school or college student, our volunteer program gives you the opportunity to give back to your community. Our volunteer program also provides a good opportunity for students who need community service hours; individuals who want to develop or sharpen new skills needed to secure a new job or re-enter the job market will find it useful. It could also be ideal for retired seniors who want to be wonderful role models for the next generation mentoring them on how to give back and serve.

Many Programs, Variety of Tasks

Here at GHEP, we are implementing many worthy causes. Whether it is in our tree planting programs, our infant diaper pantry, our youth empowerment program, or our community health empowerment program, we can do with some help. And that helping hand could be you. We’ve set out on a mission to eliminate health and education disparities in our local communities. We cannot do this alone. That’s why we need the help of people like you, people who love our communities, people who are genuinely interested in our mission to eliminate health and education inequalities in our local communities. When we say we need your help, we really mean it. You could be working on many areas. Here are some of them, definitely not all:

  • Content and writing
  • Art & Design
  • Fundraising
  • Social media
  • Internet research
  • Health screening
  • Telephone calls
  • Community event organizing
  • Outreach and marketing, etc.

In-person or Virtual Volunteering. Our volunteer opportunities include in-person and remote positions. Majority of our volunteer opportunities are remote or virtual–that means that you can volunteer for us without leaving the comfort of your home. The world has become a global village. The internet has brought the world to our finger tips in a way never seen in the history of humanity. We try to use all the powers of the internet and technology.

That’s why we prefer those who have access to, and are comfortable with, technology and computers. We’re a volunteer-run organization. So, we try to be efficient in all we do. When you volunteer with us, we give you a definite project–one that has a beginning and an end–based on your experience and time commitment. Trust us, no mission creep here. When you finish your task, you’ll decide if you want to do more.

We’re Fun Folks too

We’re not just all work, we like to have some fun here too. Can you imagine getting an email first thing in the morning with a cartoon just to make your day? That’s how funny we are as an organization. Life is hard already, but we must make it fun.


What’s in it for you? In return, you’ll get a completion certificate, a richer Resume, and a better community to be proud of. Every little of your help, even a couple of hours of your time, talent, or treasure will surely help and above all appreciated. We are always happy to provide references for that next job.

Next Steps

It looks like we’re sounding really funny and interesting. Right? If so, here’s the next step. Please complete the form below or click here if you’d like to volunteer or learn more about our volunteer opportunities. Once we hear from you and take a look at your Resume, we will let you know if there is a match or not. Life is busy and we don’t want to waste your time at all. Now, it’s your turn, please consider volunteering with us. We love our volunteers and trust me, you’ll be loved here.

Your donation helps us to eliminate inequalities in health and education

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