Adopt Trees in Prince George’s County with FTAP: Sponsored by Chesapeake Bay Trust, Boosting Your Yard & Community Environment

Thank you in advance for your interest in adopting free trees through the Family Tree Adoption Program (FTAP). Through this program, we are building a community of trees and environment lovers. This program is sponsored by Prince George’s County and the Chesapeake Bay Trust.

All trees received from FTAP are free and must be planted on private property in Prince George’s County, Maryland. After you complete and submit your tree reservation form, we will contact you to go over your selection to ensure that you have selected the trees that will best survive in your yard. You will select a free delivery and planting date for your tree(s).

Properties in the City of Bowie are not eligible for this program because the city manages its tree program independently of the County.

If you experience any problems while completing this form, please contact us at:
Phone: (240) 495-4944
Email: [email protected]

Receive up to 3 free trees and tree materials worth over $400

The Family Tree Adoption Program (FTAP) is a grassroots program that provides free native trees or shrubs to private homeowners in Prince George’s (PG) County, Maryland. The family tree program is helping to green our communities by increasing tree canopy, which, in turn, improves air and water quality, community aesthetics, and provide benefits for years to come.

Take 5 minutes to complete this short reservation form.

Tree Reservation Form


    Yard information can be: If there is any previous tree in your yard, Any electric pole close to your yard and any other information you can share to help us plan a better planting location for you.

    By adopting a tree through the program, I agree and understand that the trees or shrubs planted through this program will be mine; I agree to maintain the tree(s) or shrub(s) that I have adopted; participate in FTAP activities; and allow the GHEP/FTAP or its employees, agents or contractors to enter upon my Property to perform certain tree planting, maintenance, and inspection activities up until 24 months after the tree(s) or shrub(s) are planted.

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