GHEP Blog Showcases Powerful Reflections from our Global Health Interns From  Around the World.

As part of its ongoing Global Health Capacity Development Project and commitment to developing the next generation of global health experts from around the world,  GHEP enrolls a select number of top-flying students at different academic levels from around the world into its virtual Global Health Internship Program otherwise known as vGHIP.

vGHIP Interns undergo rigorous training using a well-designed internship curriculum. The curriculum, which is tailored according to the student’s academic level, includes rigorous readings, communication, data analyses, program planning, and other activities incorporating the key public health competencies under the supervision of accomplished public health experts. Interns also provide editorial support to the editorial board of GHEP’s signature academic journal–the International Journal of MCH and AIDS.

Supervisors provide regular feedback to interns using various modes of communication including face-to-face (if they are in the Washington, DC metro area), Skype discussions, emails, frequent feedback, and other emerging 21st century information technology tools.

Over the years, we have seen an emergence of a cadre of interns with powerful reflections of their views on global health issues and how they envisage their paths along public health and global health careers.  The depth, diversity, and richness of these reflections are outstanding. Sometimes they’re breathtaking.  They warrant wider dissemination.

Therefore, beginning in May 2015, GHEP Blog will feature reflections and writings from our interns and supervisors exploring their thoughts and reflections on key readings and projects completed during their internship program.

We hope you will join us by reading and commenting on these blogs as well as sharing them with your networks around the world. We are moving onwards! Join us.

You can also learn more about vGHIP.

About the Author:

Dr. Romuladus ‘Romey’ Emeka Azuine is the founder and Executive Director of the Global Health and Education Projects, an international  501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Riverdale, Maryland, USA.  Romey can be reached at [email protected]