At the doorstep of a brand-new 2016, we are so excited to be launching IJMA Blog—a global health blog and platform for advancing global health issues in the developing world as well as populations facing disparities across the world. IJMA Blog shall be a confetti of ideas, with opportunity to all those who share in eliminating the burden of diseases of populations in the poorest corners of the world.

The blog will feature short, crispy opinions and views. It will feature interviews with leading and emerging names in the field of public and global health. It will feature short snap chats and travelogues in the remotest parts of the world. It will be honest, direct, and democratic. It will be a home for sharing those views that might not make it to peer-reviewed pages—because that is not their goals—but that are equally impactful in the lives of millions of people in the developing world.

IJMA Blog shall be an interactive platform—absent on IJMA’s main web page —which we believe will lead to the dissemination of sound research and innovative research programs to a wider community in the global village.

The blog will provide a conducive platform for health professionals with diverse interests to share their opinions on current MCH and AIDS issues plaguing the world. Links and abstract to all newly published research will be publicized on the blog thereby engaging the scientific community at large to review and constructively criticize published research. The focus will be inclusive of broader public health issues affecting local and global communities.

Everyone will be a contributor. Full bylines will be offered for all contributions. We welcome contributions in the following areas:
(i) Evaluation of current research and public health issues;
(ii) Critical and constructive reviews of novel and innovative intervention or research programs;
(iii) Highlights of the use of cost effective intervention or research programs compared to existing ones and how they could be improved;
(iv) Images of global health in rural areas where it is working or not working;
(v) Highlights of public health presentations; and
(vi) More.

As moderators of the IJMA Blog, we look forward to having and welcoming you as reader-contributors. Please stop by. Contribute. Join the mission. People of the planet earth, here is IJMA Blog, your public and global health blog.

Romuladus E. Azuine
Global Health and Education Projects, Inc
Riverdale, Maryland, USA
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Eta E. Ashu
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
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