Riverdale, MD: In a continued effort to expand its global strategic outreach and engagement objectives, two directors of the Global Health and Education Projects (GHEP) recently participated in a leadership meeting of non-profit and for-profit organizations serving communities in the greater Washington, DC metro area.

Organized under the platform of the People for Change Coalition (PFCC), a non-profit membership organization based in Maryland, a Washington, DC suburb, the meeting brought together thought leaders and business executives of several organizations determined to explore opportunities to extend their services individually and collectively through pooling of resources.

GHEP was actively represented at the meeting by Romuladus Emeka Azuine, DrPH, and Sussan E. Ekejiuba, PhD, the organization’s Executive Director and Director, respectively. GHEP used the opportunity to distribute its program/publicity materials and began talks on potential partnerships and collaborations with like-minded organizations and executives.

Addressing delegates at the meeting, Ms. Sandra Pruitt, PFCC Executive Director, highlighted some of the leading age programs that the organization has provided to members including management assistance, network building, communication and resource sharing opportunities especially for nonprofits and minority businesses in Prince George’s County and the DC Metro area.

Ms. Pruitt said that PFCC is in the process of developing a non-profit leadership curriculum aimed at offering structured coaching, mentorship, and professional development for new non-profit organizations to learn to operate their organizations towards sustainability.

Dr. Azuine, GHEP Executive Director, reported out on GHEP’s programs aimed at advancing its mission of reducing and ultimately eliminating inequalities in health and education in local communities in United States and around the world. He invited delegates to engage GHEP in the implementation of local life-saving public health and education projects.

“This is a unique meeting that gives you an opportunity to be in the same room with top-level executives and individuals in the same field as you and from whom you can learn how to advance the goals of your organization and above all to serve the communities that we set out to serve,” said Dr. Azuine of the meeting held on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 in Maryland.

Dr. Ekejiuba, GHEP Director, who attended the meeting, described it as a wonderful platform for cross-fertilization of ideas, adding that knowledge comes from experience and therefore the meeting offered GHEP leadership an avenue to interact with their counterparts in the area. “I think I am fortunate to participate in this wonderful meeting,” remarked Dr. Ekejiuba.

Among the many delegates who participated in the meeting were: Jerry McLaurin, PFCC Founder and Business Development Officer; Nevyn French, Capital Water Investment; Dr. Clifford L. Thomas, President and CEO of We Lead by Example, Inc.; and David Kiasi, Application Alternatives & African-American Business Directory.

GHEP is a member of PFCC. PFCC is a membership organization of over 300 non-profit and for-profit organizations with the central goal to guide non-profit organizations to sustainability.

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