I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends and compatriots in the USA a Happy Independence anniversary–July 4th. As a Nigerian-American, I do not take the celebration behind this day lightly. It means a lot for me. It is a clear reminder of the greatness of this country and its history and its future.

I know all of us Americans are good at critiquing the shortcomings of the system in US, things like socioeconomic inequalities, health inequities, educational disparities, and the ills of the social justice system. In spite of these ills, when you pause and examine the opportunities presented in this great country and juxtapose them against opportunities presented by other countries around the world, I argue that this country is still the best and the greatness. From Silicon valley, through Washington, DC, down to Vermont, the strength of this country is strewn all over its nooks and crannies.

America’s greatness lives in its whites, its Blacks, its Indians, its brown and different shades of the citizens of this country. It is a great country; we can make it even greater by extending our arms of welcome for future generations and continue the greatness of this country which is etched in its diversity. What a great country we live in? Happy independence friends and compatriots. We have greater days ahead of us. Enjoy with family and friends.